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BarbaraMy name is Barbara, and in my faith I’m also known as High Priestess, Mystie Raven Sky, of the Wiccan Religion.Wicca’s core tenet is “Harm None,” and to reclaim the Divine Feminine in our ceremonies and celebrations with both men and women participants.

My background is a balance of nature and formal teaching.

My intense spiritual journey began as a child, without realizing its importance. I have always been fascinated by spirit in all of nature, and for those who have crossed over to the spirit world. My own mother honored Mother Earth, and due to her influence and a near death experience in 1994, I started a path towards seeking spirit.

As a result, I became a crazed spiritual seeker of all religions. I had an insatiable hunger that seemed to be searching for just the right thing to satisfy the deep well of my soul’s longing for knowledge, to bring me closer to the Divine. I studied book after book and enrolled in classes on a multitude of religions.

My formal training on this path began in 2004, when my spiritual teacher, who taught the Gardnerian Tradition of Wicca, came into my life. Since my initiation, I have blended Celtic Spirituality and other ancient traditions into my practice, including becoming a certified Yoga Teacher.

My calling from Goddess is to become a Spiritual Mentor of Wicca, with the intention to teach those who have been drawn to this path. My purpose is to complement my students’ spiritual awareness and experiences.

Have you been confounded by age-old false myths and perceptions around Wicca? Particularly, misrepresentations by Monotheistic-based faiths that Wicca is a trick to gather more devil worshippers? Wiccans do not believe in this man-made concept of the devil.

Or have you had otherworldly experiences that you cannot explain? Experiences resulting in fear of sharing your experiences with family, friends, and coworkers because of their judgement and intolerance?

If so, I can sympathize with you, as I have experienced this as well.

Many religions have suppressed the power of the Feminine in the world, and the Divine Feminine became non-existent over time. As a result society has increasingly become unbalanced as the Goddess has been edged out of the religious equation.

In a world that is becoming more materialistic and corporate minded, there is a yearning by many for something authentic. Spiritual seekers have a desire to reconnect with the Earth, and are in search of the Feminine Force of Power.

Accurate numbers are impossible to come by, yet arguably there is evidence that suggests that Wicca may be the fastest growing religion in the US.

The Gods and Goddesses are much needed in our world and this is where we begin on our path to Wicca and Nature-Based Ethical Magic.

Wicca: A Journey with the Divine Feminine, is meant for seekers of Wicca as a spiritual practice, as well as anyone wishing to learn what Wicca is and is not.

You will find this journey to be powerful, fulfilling, and healing as you learn to harness your personal power and discover your inner wisdom. We will have magical fun learning various means to magic and healing.

My intentions are to lead you, with love, ethics, compassion, and trust.

I am also available for lectures and group meetings.

Merry Meet and Blessed Be!

If your research and seeking has landed you here I invite you to explore increasing your understanding of the “Old Religion” for yourself through our Wicca classes.

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YOUR Team of mentors

Barbara Archuleta
Barbara ArchuletaHigh Priestess – Mystie Raven Sky
Wicca – Harm None

As our world continues to evolve, many spiritual seekers, both male and female, are in search of the Lost Feminine and desire to help change misrepresentations and mischaracterizations of honoring Her. Where is your search taking you, as you seek a Spiritual Mentor of Wicca? My background is a balance of nature and formal teaching.

My intense spiritual journey began as a child, without realizing its importance. I was always fascinated by a sense of spirit in all nature, and a strong sense of those who crossed over to the spirit world. In honor of Mother Earth, my own mother would drive us to the mountains to gather multi-colored fall leaves, bitter choke-cherries, and bright red rose hips to decorate our kitchen table. She would wake us up at 4am to be in awe and appreciation of the sunrise; she would teach us to search for natural herbs and plants to eat or to make tea. My mother expressed great love for Jesus, Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Mother Earth. With Mom’s upbringing, and by my coming close to death in 1994, I became a highly curious spiritual seeker.

In 2004 I found my formal spiritual teacher, who taught the Gardnerian Tradition of Wicca. Gerald Gardner was an English Wiccan as well as an author, amateur anthropologist, and archaeologist. Doreen Valiente, who initiated into the Gardnerian Tradition of Wicca in 1953, became High Priestess to Gerald Gardner, and wrote much of the religious liturgy within the tradition of Gardnerian Wicca. Raymond Buckland is an Englishman and is largely responsible for bringing Gardnerian Tradition Wicca to America in the 1960’s. Since my initiation, I have incorporated Celtic Spirituality and Yoga Tradition practices as well, to complement my students’ spiritual experiences.

For many years, I have sensed a strong urging from the Goddess to become a Spiritual Mentor of Wicca. My intention is to teach those who have been drawn to this path, and are pursuing an expanded view of Wicca and spirituality. I wish to create awareness of our peaceful and harmonious religion. The core tenet of Wicca is “Harm None,” and reclaiming the Divine Feminine into our ceremonies and celebrations is largely the center of our religion, for both men and women. Our world is in need of the gentle and gradual balance of both the Divine Male and Female Energies, just as all things are in nature. In many religions, the Divine Feminine became non-existent over time.

Wicca: Refresh Your Soul, is meant for seekers of Wicca as a spiritual practice. As your spiritual mentor, I will guide you to discover your inner wisdom, supported by the Divine Feminine and Masculine deities. This journey is one of beauty and ethics, appreciation and participation, with all nature and the elementals.

Blessed Be! Eight Words the Wiccan Rede Fulfill, “An It Harm None, Do What Ye Will”

Saraphina Mesmer
Saraphina MesmerTeacher
Saraphina Mesmer is a core teacher of Samadhi Center for Yoga’s teacher training program since 2008, offering classes in meditation, pranayama, asana and Bhakti Yoga.

Trained in meditation in Penukonda, India 2008-2013, Saraphina brings depth to other’s experience of yoga, dance and devotional music.

Co-founder of Darshan Dance Tribe belly dance school and professional performance troupe, she co-teaches weekly classes weaving interconnections between yoga, art and self-discovery.

Join Saraphina at Shiva Sai Mandir for Bhajans Gatherings, singing of devotional songs from traditions around the world.


Selene Astraea
Selene AstraeaEmpath
It wasn’t until relatively late in life that I realized I was a highly sensitive person, which explains certain gifts that often left me feeling depleted. Being an Empath causes me to easily sense other people’s emotional pain and need, and hence, I feel a need to respond. This explains my lifelong path as teacher and caretaker for others, wherein I would unconsciously neglect myself.

The pain and losses of my recent past forced me to turn inward and exercise the same compassion for myself that I naturally directed outward toward others. In coming to know myself and gifts more fully, I enjoy offering my gifts to others: self-care and compassion are one of the most powerful steps that we can take in changing our lives.

My desire is to share this through weekly posts that affirm who we are as spiritual beings who crave and deserve self-love.

Shoshanna French
Shoshanna FrenchMagnifier of Awareness
Even as I transitioned from childhood to adolescence, I never lost my curiosity about the things and places that felt touched by magic including me. My knowledge of magic came from my fascination of mythological creatures, spiritual realm and the sympathetic magic my Scottish grandmother, Kathryn, taught me. We would wish upon falling stars. Send our desires to float with blown dandelion fluff. She taught me a deep respect for nature and to trust my instincts.

My formal journey onto the spiral path began 2006 (in this lifetime anyway). I was initiated as a priestess in the first-degree June of 2008. My biggest loves of the path are connecting to nature, divination and ritual. Just like the Fool in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, I am always learning, growing and expanding as a teacher, a student and a child of the Goddess.

In my day job, I am a psychic and a coach. My primary work is to help others to recognize and learn to use their spiritual gifts. When we are fully connected to our intuition, life takes on a deeper meaning and we have greater ease. If you want to learn more about me or my offerings, please take a gander at my site www.simplespirit.com.

Lauren Cabot a/k/a Brigid
Lauren Cabot a/k/a BrigidIntuitive and Tarot Card Reader
My magical name is Brigid. I have been on a magical path for many, many lifetimes. In this lifetime I have followed this path for almost three decades.

I am an intuitive by nature, but I also use tarot cards if wanted or necessary. I believe we all have gifts and talents and it is a matter of untapping our potential.

I am available for intuitive readings, tarot card readings, spiritual guidance, and parties.



I’ve known Barbara for seven years. I feel that she is true to following this path. She honors the traditions and knows the teachings. She takes the work very seriously while keeping a playful spirit. Her knowledge and insight have made a tremendous impact on my life and have enhanced my spiritual journey!
— LunaYin
Barbara has a deep mystical knowledge that encompasses an array of spiritual settings. She is intuitive, intelligent, and approaches her work with enthusiasm and a smile. She is passionate and her priority is putting others at ease. Barbara offers her wisdom and support to any client or setting, and I feel fortunate to have followed her instruction for more than seven years!
— Andrea Balazs
Barbara has been my spiritual sister and trusted advisor for more than ten years; we have practiced together countless times over the years, in alternating roles as participant, leader, and support. Barbara always brings sensitivity and thoughtfulness to any discussion or practice. She is respectful and joyful, serious and light of spirit, firm in her understanding yet open and compassionate. I count on her to bring fresh perspective to our discussions, and I continuously learn from her expertise, experience, and intuition of the divine feminine.
— Holly Mac

I have known Barbara for 10 years now. We met at a ritual for Samhain, I was instantly drawn to her. In that time she has been my teacher, mentor, sister and most importantly my friend. She has integrity, knowledge, patience, and compassion. These qualities make her an excellent spiritual adviser and teacher. I am lucky to have her in my life as you will be now.
— Lauren Cabot

Pictures from past events

WICCA CLASSES: Refresh your soul!

  • Creating a Life of Joy and Magic: Get into the wild and refresh your soul! If you’ve had a sense of otherworldly phenomena, if you hear the whisperings of a gentle breeze, if you sense the aliveness of a forest, if you hear the voice of your intuition, maybe your spirit is calling you to go inside your natural wild self. Rediscover the Divine through Nature, partner with the Divine in the Earth, and just have Magical fun living your life to the fullest! You are a healer and you can create the world you wish for. You can also help others do the same. When we heal ourselves those around us inevitably reap the benefits of being near and around you. It is possible!
  • Seeking a Spiritual Practice: If you are seeking Wicca as a spiritual practice or if you are wishing to gain a better understanding of the “Old Religion” for yourself because you have a loved one on this path, then Wicca-Refresh Your Soul classes are meant for you.
  • Learning and Participating: Through the four modules, you are going to learn about the symbology of Wiccan Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and how they relate to your Healing, Personal Power, Divination, Wiccan Etiquette, and Magic. You will participate in Winter and Summer Solstice celebrations and other rites. You will learn about Spirit Guides, Mandalas, the Theban Alphabet, grounding meditation, incense, chakras, candle Magic, pendulums, and other healing modalities.
  • Discovering Your Personal Path: You will be guided and mentored on a personal path that requires self-initiative, study, and personal commitment. As your spiritual teacher, I will guide you on a path of self-awareness to harness your own personal power, and how to discover your inner wisdom. You are weaving your own Web of Life supported by the Divine Feminine and Masculine deities.
  • For Initiates: I follow the traditional Year-And-A-Day path of training. Slow and graceful learning and practices will allow you to refresh your soul, and absorb through studies, application, and participation.
  • Tailoring your Timeline: You may sign up at a time of year that works best for you! Depending on your goals, you may take one or all modules. If you are wanting initiation you must take them all, but you can start your Year-And-A-Day with any module. Your initiation will be approximately one year from your start date. Certificate of Completion will be given at the end of each module. Initiation is for anyone wanting to become a Wiccan Priest or Priestess so you may be prepared for a Coven, and even create your own Coven, by leading your own classes and rituals.

Now, let’s get started and go deep into your soul, and come out refreshed!

moon-1093538Wicca is a balance and a dance of both the Divine Male and Female Energies, just as all things are in nature.

In many religions, the Divine Feminine became non-existent over time.

Many spiritual seekers, both male and female, are in search of the Lost Feminine and desire to help change misperceptions of honoring Her, and of incorporating Her with the Male Divine.

The Lost Feminine is where we begin on our path to Wicca and Ethical Nature Magick.


Wicca 101: Earth
The Foundation/Her Body
November / December / January
(Winter Solstice Celebration in December)

Wicca 102: Air
Ether / Magick / Healing
February / March / April
(Spring Equinox Celebration in March)

Wicca 103: Fire
Divination / Personal Power
May / June / July
(Summer Solstice Celebration in June / July is Summer Break with Online Guidance)

Wicca 104: Water
God and Goddess / Sacred Space / Ritual
August / September / October (August is Summer Break with Online Guidance / Samhain Sabbat in October)


For Class Details such as Location, Time, Pricing, to Register or other Questions, Please Submit our Contact Form:
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Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, this class is for both males and females.
A: It’s up to you to decide if you want initiation as Priest or Priestess.
A: You can take one, two, three or all modules. You are only required to take all if you want initiation. On the first class of each module, I do a review of ethics centered around “Harm None.”
A: The short answer is “yes.” It’s best to be consistent with classes. However, I would be willing to meet with you to get a sense of where you are, and what you’ve been doing on this path. I would make it single-case based.
A: It really is best to come to all classes; however, I know there may be extenuating circumstances that are uncontrollable. During my training my teacher was strict on attendance and if we missed too many, we had to take the module all over again.  Though I hope you will take these classes as seriously as I do, I am taking advantage of modern technology and will simply expect for missed classes to be made up online.
A: Great question! As it is mutual, I may also decide that a novice is not yet ready for class, or I may not be the right teacher for him or her. No offense will be taken on my part if you decide I am not the right teacher for you. On the other hand, it’s very difficult for a novice to accept if a teacher feels the same. This is a very sensitive situation. We can talk things through to figure out why and if there is a solution. If not, I would like you to at least finish the module and then simply do not sign up for anymore. It’s always good to have a sense of completion in all things.