Godd-Essence 2017

An air of mysticism, permeates our sacred space, as High Priestesses Lady Morrighan and Lady Athena plan, meditate, and call on the Gods and Goddesses to welcome two hard practicing, and many years devoted,  initiates to the Sisterhood.   With voicing lyrics: “I, Lady Morrighan Raven-Sky, call upon the Two who move as One in the love of the Great Spirit as God and Goddess.  Aid me in this magick Rite of Initiation on this night for our two Ladies who have accomplished deep work and dedication on the path of the Goddess”, and “I, Lady Athena Jaguar Moon call upon the Guardians of the West, Element of Water, our sacred path carries us into the West, place of emotions, place of intuition.  Be with us, this night, Element of Water, as we follow the voice of our heart guiding us on our sacred path.  Hail and Welcome!”  A most beautiful ceremony for our two new High Priestesses; we are all so blessed and offer our deep gratitude to the God and Goddess.  Blessed Be.